An artist with an astute approach to composition and sound firmly rooted in the analog domain. His fascination and fixation with vintage and modern analog electronics are the foundation of his continually evolving process suited to his impulsive and experimental nature, documenting temporal analog expressions in their purest form in each studio recording, sound design project and ventures into improvised live performance.

Discography includes original and collaborative releases on some of the most highly regarded techno labels - Oscar Mulero’s Warmup Recordings, Mark Broom’s Beardman, Developer’s Modularz, Bas Mooy's Mord Records, Pfirter’s MindTrip, PoleGroup’s AINE, and Planet Rhythm.

Depths of Dopamine [Mord Records 2024]

Augment [Olympian 2023]

A Future Made Yesterday [Modularz 2022]
002 0026 (Collab w/ Ribé) [Mord Records 2021]
Inevitable Decay [WarmUp Recordings 2019]
Mars Radiation Terminal 25 [Modularz 2019]
Valamar Conflict [MindTrip 2018]
Unscripted [Modularz 2018]
Inverse [Beardman 2017]

Experimental streams of consciousness

born from the analog domain - documenting electronic music expressions

in their purest form.

Carrera’s definitive and concentrated passion lies deep within each record label ensuring each release and artistic collaboration offers up something highly unique and personal.

Dramatic techno expressions born form the analog domain released

  on vinyl and digital formats.

With a sense of presence without grasping at anything - All hardware recordings capturing unfiltered experimentations in their purest form.